Saturday, November 15, 2014

How To Make a Simple, Fun Countdown to Christmas

In years past I've always wanted to do a Countdown to Christmas with my kids. Just something fun and simple (and easy on the wallet helps too!). Well, by the time I would get around to putting one together, I didn't have enough time to put one together, or I had already gotten so busy with the rest of the holiday preparations, I forgot all about. So I got an early start this year! I have put together a month full of fun activities for the littles. Its easy to get caught up in the business of the season, so by setting aside special activities to do each day, makes the season more special. I also wanted to be sure to post this early enough for you all to have enough time to put one together.

 Now when putting your countdown together, make sure to have your calendar handy so you don't plan something in the countdown when you have plans otherwise. For example, on Sundays we go to church so therefore I need to make sure I don't plan to bake cookies that day for the countdown.  So I will just put a treat in the bag for everyone. This is so simple and easy to fit into your schedule.

Here's what I did:

I bought an assortment of craft supplies and a bunch of fun simple activities and each item or items will go into a paper bag labeled with a number starting with 25 and counting down. On December 1st the littles will open the bag to reveal the 'special' activity for the day!

Here's some of the stuff I gathered up:

I bought these on sale for 50 cents each!! The lids go on mason jars and the straws are reusable and large enough to drink a smoothie with, so the day these get opened, the littles and I will be having smoothies!

This is just some activity books and fun pens you can find in the Christmas section at Walmart. I will put these in a bag for a day perhaps when I have a shopping trip and these can make great peace keepers while in the store!!
 What kid doesn't like bubbles?! Thought these would be fun for a cold snowy day outside when everyone is getting cabin fever! I will use the erasers in a bag for a Sunday.
 This is a whole weeks worth of goodies! On a Monday the littles will receive a note card and a craft supply saying to save up craft supplies each day for a super crafty party at the end of the week! We will then decorate the Styrofoam ornaments.
 This is easy and self explanatory!!

 The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with your kids and this countdown!
 Each year we put up a ceramic Christmas village, these trees are a new addition for this year, so when we open this bag with them in it, it will be the day we put it p the village.
 These are the bags I will be using.
 My kids love rocks!! In fact, in their toy room they have a container of rocks to play with!
Get creative and have some fun with this Christmas Countdown!

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