Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Healthy Choices- Flaxseed

I'm going to start a series on some simple healthy choices that can be made 
and are beneficial to your health.

The first one I will start with is flax.

You can buy it as a seed...

 or as meal...

I like to mix the seeds into homemade granola bars, bread, cookies and peanut butter balls. Now in my house we have a love/hate relationship with flax seed. We love the healthy benefits but we hate it stuck in our teeth!
Which is why I was so excited when I discovered flax meal!!! I can add it to just about anything (especially since I don't follow recipes anyway!!) and we get the health bonus, and don't have to pick it out of our teeth!

Here are few benefits of flaxseed:
~omega 3 fatty acids
~lignans- which has antioxidant properties

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