Monday, November 17, 2014

A Snowy Morning at Our House

We awoke to such beauty this morning! It was the perfect snowy morning! My kids get pretty excited when the first real snow falls! Everyone was anxious to get outside and do their chores! The boys bundled up and headed out with snow shovels in hand and the girls gathered animal feed and headed out as well! I'll probably have a hard time getting them back in for school!

Here's a few pictures I got from my dining room window:

So pretty!

These snowflakes where the size of quarters!!

Makes me wanna have some cocoa....

My favorite part of winter is when the snow lays on the branches!

This is her first winter... wonder what she thinks of this?!

They are enjoying chores this morning!

I guess Kitty felt left out of all the excitement!!

Well, I hope you are having an exciting, snowy morning as we are! 
Have a wonderful wintery day!

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