Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Snow In The Barnyard

Here's a pic of our feathered foals on the morning of our first snow in western Pennsylvania! Unfortunately this is the only pic I got because the battery on my camera died right after taking this picture! We have already had a few problems with the chickens adjusting to the cold temps. The oldest little discovered that one of our gals had a bleeding comb the other morning :(. Some of the chickens have chosen to sleep in the trees outside the coope over the summer, so now that the cold is here we are going to have to train them otherwise...(sigh...).... You will never hear me say that chickens are the smartest animals around! We have had one of our leghorns squeeze into the fence with our 2 German Shepherds, get caught by the female and shaken around a bit until we got alerted by the guineas ( gotta luv the guineas!), only to run off with a few less feathers and do it again the next week!! I think the count is now up to 4 times of this happening to the same chicken!! And she still hasn't learned her lesson!! They certainly are fun barnyard animals to have around though. And they come with a few benefits. Fresh eggs!! If you have never had a fresh, free range chicken egg, you are missing out! The taste and color are completely different of the eggs you buy in the store. Chickens are also great for bug control. This is our first year for having roosters ( we have 3 of them! ), anyway, our roosters have caught at least 3 mice!! I have a strong disliking for mice so this is bonus points for the roosters!! Overall, chickens may not be the smartest, but they are fun and provide healthy eggs each morning!

Hope you are enjoying the snow!
Keep warm!
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