Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Power Packed Salad (and tips for making salads 'convenient').

I love a good salad, I just dont like getting out all the ingredients, washing, cutting, chopping and everything else that goes along with making a salad. And thats just the veggie part! I like to have some 'meaty' add ins to keep me going longer and not searching for a snack later. But unless I have leftover chicken or beef from dinner the night before, I'm stuck with lettuce and ranch!! Until now.....

Here's a few pointer for having a salad almost ready to go!

My mom in law gave me a few of these Rubbermaid storage bowls, and I abslutley love them!! They fit perfectly in the fridge, and are great for stacking! So I washed and chopped romaine lettuce and mixed it in bowl with spinach. Now you have the base of your salad ready to go!

While I was prepping the lettuce and spinach, I was also cooking some quinoa. You can keep this stored in an airtight container and just spoon some out when your ready for a salad. I also like to add in some garbanzo beans and sunflower seeds. 

Wash and chop your other favorite veggies and store them in sandwich baggies for easy clean up as well! Who wants a fridge full of storage bowls to wash?!?! ;). 

And now when you're ready for a salad, just open your fridge, grab your prepared ingredients and you are ready to have a healthy lunch, with no excuses!!

Some of you work outside of the house and still wanna eat healthy and not be tempted to stop at your local fast for restaurant or grab a bag of chips, then try this:

Layer your salad in a canning jar!! You can put these together the night before, so when you head off to work the next morning, you a have a healthy lunch, ready to go!! And for busy moms, make a few of these up and keep them in the fridge for ready to go convenience!! 

Do you have any easy ways to fit a salad into your day? 
Let me know, I'm always looking for more ideas!!

Are you gonna try this, let me know how it works for you!

Have a great day! 

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