Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life Lately....

This little guy loves the outdoors... Especially all of the edible things he finds!!

Well, as you can see its been awhile since I've last posted. Probably the longest gap in between posts yet. Well its been a crazy time for me and my family. Lots of ups and a few downs. Projects. Gardening issues. Volleyball practice. And, sadly... a death of a close family member.
I started to recieve requests for blog posts, so I figured I better get back at it.
So, where to start....

Lets see... the garden. Well with a ton of spring rain and then none at all, my garden hasnt done the best. Beans are not going to be preserved this year. Tomatoes are doing good. I can see some salsa being canned up. Ive gotten  a few stray cucumbers here and there. I'm hoping the recent rain we just got will bring them on in time for pickles. Blueberries are doing good. Mainly just as an afternoon snack for my little ones.
We took some time to visit our local Petco. It was fun. Kids loved all of the different things to see.

Volleyball practice has started and this year my second oldest has started playing. Wow!! I cant believe I have 2 girls in volleyball now. Its been fun so far. I volunteered myself as the official volleyball snack mom. Hopefully, I will beable to share some of the healthy recipes with you all. Some will include energy bites, pizza, chocolate covered frozen bananas, cheesecake, with a gluten free version, and a lot more.

A visit to daddy's work! The little guys found themselves at home behind their daddy's desk!!
...and of course, summer wouldn't be complete without hours spent in the sandbox!!

Okay, onto  the projects I've been working on... ugh... well the usual grass cutting and cleaning. but some extras have been our office which is now a multipurpose room. It serves as our office and my sewing and craft room. So now that my sewing machine finally has a resting place perhaps I will start some fall sewing projects...maybe. I also got our attic organized. That was a huge project, but I'm glad it's done!

And now for the sad part... this is partially why I havent felt like blogging. With blogging you need emotion and excitement. Well, some of that was taken from me. My grandfather passed away about 3 weeks ago. It wasnt easy dealing with it and seeing the heartache in my gram has been even harder. We have been visiting my grandma weekly just to bring some smiles her way. My grandfather was a great guy and will be missed. He had a way of bringing a smile to anyones face.

Well, I dont want to leave you all on a sad note, so I will leave some links to some recently requested recipes! Just click through the links below.

Homemade Pizza Dough

Toasted Seed Crackers

Taco Lettuce Wraps - Great for Low Carb Diet!

Alright, that's all for now. But I will return again, with some exciting new recipes!!


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