Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Peek into our Week! Freezer Cooking, Gardening and my New Coffee System!

Well, some of these pictures are a few weeks old , but I figured Id share them any way! The above pic is a layered fruit cheesecake dessert I made for the 4th of July.

My oldest Minionette and I went out for a short shopping trip and stopped off for a few minutes of one on one time.

Evening garden pic. I love to take a walk in the cool evening. 

Tomatoes are coming! I can't wait! A home grown tomato tastes wwaayy better than one bought in the store!

Cucumbers are off to a good start as well. I sense a pickling post coming soon!

And pickles need dill, of course! It's so easy to grow! Most years it just comes back by itself.

I recently purchased organic coffee beans, a french press and a manual coffee grinder. Why? Well, organic coffee, because why not?! French press? Well, I've heard it makes better coffee and no waste compared to the Keurig that I wanted. Manual coffee grinder? My husband didn't understand why I just didn't buy an electric one either! Well the way I pictured it was sitting around a campfire with no electric around, perhaps in a mountain cabin somewhere and I could grind my coffee beans and brew them without electricity! OK, OK, so its a stretch, but I love it!

A friend and I did a freezer cooking session! We made 20 dozen meatballs, 56 hot pockets, and 5 batches of cookie dough! It was a great success and it only took us 4 hours!

So, what have you been up to lately? Leave me a comment below!

Be sure to keep coming back to see what we have been doing!

Psst... I've been working on a new section to the blog! Hopefully I will get it out soon! :)

Hope your summer is going great! 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Best EVER Baked Mac n Cheese!

I don't know how lunchtime is at your house, but at my house with 6 kids, lunch isn't made, its found! And by found, I mean, when your hungry, find some leftovers or some sandwich makings and eat up! On a typical day, I don't stop to cook lunch. So, the other day, my oldest minionette, found a recipe she wanted to try out. It was for baked mac n cheese. 

I am not much of a mac n cheese eater, but i tell ya what... it was DELICIOUS!! And....it was easy! And.....it only used one dish! And.....you have got to try it!!  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Week in Pictures!

We had a busy week...or two! Lots of gardening and.... CAKE! Oh boy! We had so much cake, we are a bit tired of it! But when you look through the pictures you will see we didn't only have cake! I kept busy not only in the garden but in the kitchen as well! And after selecting the pictures for this post, I realized I had a pretty productive couple of weeks! 
The above picture collage is of our garden and my helpers pulling weeds around the beans. The tomatoes are doing great! I can wait to make a salad! There are lots of flowers blooming around our yard. Including our elderberry patch, which is in full bloom! I will make elderberry syrup again this year to use during the winter cold season. 
Check out some more pictures .......