Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Pot Pasta

Ladies! This is a recipe you have got to try! Its so easy, I can't believe I haven't tried it sooner. And its versatile, mix in more or less veggies to suit your taste. And easy, wait I mentioned that one already, but easy is my favorite, so let just stick with the repeat!! 
You, literally, only use one pot. And even better, if you wanna throw it in the slow cooker, go for it! I will include directions for that too! 
Oh, and another bonus, you change it up for chicken Alfredo, spaghetti and ziti!! Hungry? Let's cook!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lemon Mint Sugar Scrub

Spring is here and it feels so good to open the windows and let a fresh breeze blow in, and blow some dust out! And if your like me, you've probably been doing some spring cleaning projects. I've done a few clutter piles and we've been working on some outdoor projects. 

With spring come fresh, clean scents. The store shelves are stocked with flowery candles, lemon scented cleaners, and yummy smelling hand soaps. And while they smell great, the ingredients probably aren't the greatest. 
I haven't quite replaced all of my household supplies with all natural choices, but I have made a few changes. Instead of lotion, I use coconut oil. Instead of store bought ChapStick, I use my homemade organic lip balm. Find it HERE. I have used essential oils to replace my household cleaners. 
My next goals are homemade deodorant and toothpaste. Many of you may do more than this, some of you, less. But we're going for one step at a time here! And little steps add up to big distances!
So today I'm going to share with you another sugar scrub recipe. I mixed this one up last week for a friend. Its refreshing, moisturizing, and smells good enough to eat! Which wouldn't hurt if you did, unless, of course you are avoiding sugar!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What we've been up to...!

*** OK, I think its working! :)
NOTE: Im having some issues with pics not showing up right now....Im not very techy, so it mite be awhile..., sorry:/.

Well we are finally recovered from the flu...ugh! It really wiped us out! I was in bed for 3 days! And the baby got sick too! It was not fun! My husband was the only one of the 8 of us that didnt get sick! Praise God for that! :).

I'm sure by my lloonngg disappearance from blogger world, some of you have probably wondered what we' ve been up to. Well, here's a few things we' ve been doing.....

We had PSSA testing last week for 4 days. We were gone from 8 am till around noon each day. We made a couple goodie baskets for the hard working, and ever so pleasant school staff! Thanks again!

My kids had a great time during testing week. They get to experience a regular classroom setting for a few days!

I did a quick spring cleaning on the shelf in my dining room. It only took about 20 minutes to sort through everything and dust.


Much better! Did anyone start any spring cleaning yet?

There was an open house event at my husbands place of employment and I made enough potato salad to feed 200+ people,
11 dozen chocolate chip cookies,  12 dozen Mahindra logo sugar cookies!

These were very easy and fun to make! I recieved several compliments and someone informed me that people were even taking pictures!! I am planning on a tutorial soon. Now I know not everyone wants to make Mahindra Logo cookies, but I will show you how you can make any logo or design on cookies or cupcakes for your next big event!

And thru all the busy-ness, I even took time for me! My hair was neglected for wwaayy too long. I made an appointment with a close friend of mine, she also doubles as my hairdresser! If she ever quits cutting hair, I am doomed!! She is the ONLY person I trust to do anything with my hair!

Heres my hair BEFORE: (and yes, I am aware of how bad it was!!)

AFTER: She did such a great job!

I made her a jar of Lemon Mint Sugar Scrub. (recipe coming soon!). The way I see it, "take really good care of the person holding scissors above your head!" LOL!! Thanks again Liz!

We also took some time to enjoy the beautiful weather with a stop for lunch at the park!.... 
This guy was just loving the feel of the grass! 
Ain't he just so cute?!

I also have some fun posts planned. A friend and I are planning to get together and make some homemade toothpaste! This will be a first. I am excited to expand our homemade products!

Also, since I have now been using essential oils for 1 year now, I find it time to share some info with you all! I will go thru several oils that we use on a regular basis, how to decide which oils are best for you, I will also give a review of using an oil diffuser and if you should use one. And I will share a few recipes with oils for you to try. I will also share which company I use and why!

Stay tuned! Im back in blogger world and have a lot planned! Including a special request for Snowball Cookies!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Mothers Role

The other day, I mentioned that I was going to post on how to make Resurrection Rolls, well little did I know, or plan, but things went way different this week than I expected. It started Tuesday night, at 2am. My second oldest child came running downstairs. And by the look on her face, it wasn't good.

She had severe stomach pain, headache, fever (103.3°) and was very faint and dizzy. My first thought was appendicitis. So we rushed to the ER. She had some tests done and everything came back normal accept for a urine culture saying her white cell count was up. The doctor said it suggests a uti. So, to make this long story, short; she is resting and still running high fevers. And now my oldest has joined quarantine with her, as she is also running fevers. Hers are low grade fevers. But I still will be keeping them quarantined away! ;).  (Oh, and yes, the ER doctor was wrong because our pediatrician called and got the results and said it wasn't a uti :/ ).
So anyway, the Easter posts that I had planned, well it just ain't gonna happen folks! Sorry, thats life though, right?

And instead of beating myself up and stressing it, I know the Lord is in control and allowed this to come my way.
Image result for easter flowers pics

So I will stop all of my other spring cleaning plans and Easter posts, and tend to my sick ones with love and grace :).
I will put aside all other duties and put first my role as a mom/doctor!
I will do my best to keep them comfortable, as they are completely miserable and achey.
I will have patience as I get called upstairs every 10 minutes to check a temperature, fix a blanket, refill a water glass or fluff a pillow.

Moms, this is our job! To show love, patience and grace. To be there when we are needed. To make the boo-boo feel better, even if its just with a kiss! To comfort the uncomfortable. To reassure them that its gonna be okay.
We have a wonderful job as moms.
Be thankful everyday that God has given you that job. He picked you to fit the position and He gives you what He wants for you.

Image result for christian easter pics
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Remember, Christ died and rose for us to save us from our sins. And if we accept what He did, we can join Him in heaven one day. Let us remember that this holiday as we gather with loved ones!

Well I'm off to the quarantine unit!! ;)

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