Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Homemade Organic Lip Balm and Cost Analysis

Now that we are in the dry, blistery cold time of winter, I'm sure you are experiencing chapped lips, and dry skin. We are! I am really try to get to the point where I make most of our household and personal items. And I guess with the harsh winter weather effecting my lips and skin, I saw it time to make an all natural lip balm. It also can double as a lotion balm! 
I had the supplies bought for several months, but I just dont get around to making it and after I did make the lip balm, I can't believe I waited so long, it was so easy!! Seriously, I made it with one hand!! It was that easy!!

Valentine's Day Party

Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone. I'm sure most of us have indulged in chocolate covered desserts of some sort, maybe you might want to mix up a refreshing Blueberry Lemon Smoothie to get back on track after all the delicious sweets. We had a great time at a Valentine's Day party we had. Lots of fun food, fun activities and a great time together! Thanks Diana, Jessica and Missy for the wonderful afternoon! We need to do it again!

Here's some pictures of the party and some simple party decorations, food, and activities. Take a look!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Chocolate Dipped Brownie Cheesecake Bites

Chocolate. Brownie. Cheesecake. Need I say more?..... These little things are delicious! But dont just take my word for it, mix yourself up a batch of your own, or maybe just make a few cuz these are ir-re-sist-able!! Check em out!...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blueberry Lemon Smoothie

I think I have found a new favorite! When creating this smoothie, I was looking for something refreshing, fruity and filling! I just didnt realize it would be this good. And when I say "good", I mean, I look forward to having my next one before I finish drinking it!! Yes! Its that good! You. Have. Got. To. Try. It!!! Seriously, dont delay... Get mixing one up right now!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Get Organized

For the month of February I will be focusing on organization! Its the one thing we all need more of, am I right?! Well at least I do! Most of the organizing tips I will be sharing will be projects I am currently applying.

Today I will show you how i put together a homesteading binder. I have read post after post of other bloggers talking about their homestead binders, and how easy it was to put together, and how effective it is, and how they are more organized....! I have even printed them out and tried to use them and realized that most of the set up didnt apply to our lifestyle (which on some days can be considered borderline crazy!!), so instead of using someone's else's blueprint for a binder, I made my own!! Well, I'm still making it.... And I want to encourage you to make your own!