Saturday, June 27, 2015

Camping Sleepover Party

Well, here's another birthday post! I'm sure I've said this before, but 5 out of 6 of my kids' birthdays are in June! 
My Minionettes decided they wanted a camping sleepover party. So here is some highlights from the party! And this was probably the best party we have thrown yet!! 

The decorations were easy... A picnic table cloth on my island and the centerpiece was a picnic basket filled with the condiments, snacks, plates and plastic ware. Very easy and simple! (That's what this blog is all about, right?! Easy and simple!!). I made personal tents for each girl. These were one of the many highlights of the party! My dining room held 7 of these. They are also easily stored as you can see in the bottom picture. They fold in half and can be slid under a bed or you can take them completedly apart.  I used 1x2 boards cut in 4ft sections. I purchased the boards at Home Depot and they cut the boards for me! I used dowel rods in between the boards. The cover was a bed sheet that I purchased at Walmart. 

To get the "campers" excited for the party, I made signs from cardboard and used some broken lattice pieces to give it a rustic campground look. They all received a personal flashlight as well. And we had sleeping bags in each tent. The campers also got a bag of glow stick items such as rings and bracelets to use once it got dark!

They all had a blast running around outside with the glowing items and we had balloons that had LED lights in them. It really added to the the effect! We roasted marshmallows on the fire, put off fire works and watched some really cool fireworks that shoot up in the air, courtesy of our neighbors! Then, we headed indoors, got in our jammies and settled in for the night. 

The picture on the left was taken at the beginning of the party and the one on the right was taken the next morning! They were all a bit sleepy the next morning. After all, they were up all night and our faithful rooster( the only chicken we have left!!), woke them all up at 5 am!!

Breakfast, the next morning was fresh baked cinnamon rolls and bacon, egg and cheese croissant sandwiches! My little helper was sure to get the fire going the next morning as well!

They all had a great time! I have a few recipes from the party that I will be sharing soon. Such as a smores dip and lemon berry chillers!

I have another birthday cake tutorial coming up! It's a Curious George cake! Keep coming back to see new recipes and ideas! Also, next week we have 2 more birthdays in our house, so be sure to check back for a Hello Kitty cake and a butterfly cake!

Are you celebrating anything? What are your plans?

I hope your summer is going well! Keep cool!

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