Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clean You House Before Christmas Challenge Day 3 Update

Well, by the third day of this challenge, I was feeling pretty ambitious! I planned on scrubbing the main bathroom and kitchen!.... What was I thinking?! I had a wonderful plan. I even wrote it down! For the most part I followed most of it, but didn't accomplish everything!
Here's how my day went:

  • 6am family devotion time 
  •  Get lunch packed and coffee made for husband, off to work he goes
  • Tend to the wood fire
  • Send the girls out to take care of animals
  • Breakfast
  • Kids head to their computers for school
  • Feed the baby, nap time for him!
  • Get some Holiday Spiced Potpourri simmering
  • Put on some Christmas music
  • And start scrubbing the dishes
I had pretty productive day, but I didn't get the kitchen completely done. We also made a quick trip to our local meat market. Kids love going there and getting specialty meats and sausages. We also visited a friend and her newborn while we were out! He's so cute! I almost forgot how small my 5 month used to be! They grow fast!

Once we got back home, it was time to start dinner. Our evenings aren't very busy, we just hang out as a family!
Anyways,  I hope you had a productive day as well!
Let me know how you're doing and be sure to visit here to see how Crystal Paine of is doing.

My goal for today will be to get caught up on laundry and finish the kitchen!

Be sure to visit next week for my Christmas Goodies Countdown! You won't wanna miss it!

Keep Cleaning!
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