Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Looking for an easy, quick lunch for your little ones? Then you've found it!
I came up with this recipe when my kids were always asking for pizza for lunch.
I make it in assembly line fashion, so if your gonna make these, grab your ingredients and let's get cooking!

I cook these on a griddle because I can cook several at  a time. 
You will need butter, flour tortillas, cheese, pepperoni.

I turn on my griddle and then start buttering one side of the tortillas. 

Place butter side down on the griddle, like this.

Next, put cheese on half of tortilla.

Then, add your pepperoni.

Now, use a spatula to flip the empty side of the tortilla over the topping side.

Now if you are cooking for several hungry munchkins, you will now have room to add 2 more tortillas on the griddle. Top as you did with previous ones.

Alright, its been about 5 minutes and the other pizza-dillas are ready for flipping.
Mmmmm....look at the golden yumminess! 
Continue with the rest of the tortillas until the other side is golden brown.

All done! You've just made an easy lunch that your kids are sure to love!
And what's even better is that you only have the griddle to clean! Win-Win!!

Have a great day!

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