Monday, March 23, 2015

Nutritional Frontiers - Lean Greens (Breakfast in a Blender!)

I really enjoy smoothies! Green smoothies! I love getting in all my greens! I feel energized and ready to go! Sometimes though, the same thing over and over and over again, can get kinda monotonous. Know what I mean? So I try to change things up a bit from my regular Green Smoothies and Blueberry Lemon Smoothies
So the other day when I was in the local health food store, I picked up some Lean Greens. 
And if you have access to purchasing some, do so! And here's why!!......

Just take a look at that label!!! There's no way I could make a smoothie with all of that! With a wide variety of fruit and vegetable powder, you will really get a lot of nutrients. I feel so energized when having this in a smoothie for breakfast! And another bonus...I stay full longer!

I was introduced to Lean Greens many years ago by a friend. It is a bit costly, so we would split the cost and the container ! Thats what friends are for, eh?! ;)
To justify the high price, the way I look at it is that I wouldn't be able to buy all of the ingredients to make a smoothie like that! 

It also has MANY cleansing and detoxing benefits.

You can mix it with water or juice or mix it in with your smoothie. 

I blended 1 banana and 10oz of water with 1 scoop until smooth.
I drink this throughout the morning and it fills me right up!

I tried to find Lean Greens on Amazon but all I could find was Nutritional-Frontiers-Pro-Colors-packets. Most health food stores would carry this. 

Have you tried Lean Greens? What did you think about it? Leave a comment and let me know!

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