Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Homemade GAK!!

Lately, we have been  making fun science projects here at our house. Last week we made ooblek, and this week we made GAK! It was so much fun!!

It is a great substitute to play dough, no crumbles on the floor! Yay! 

And better yet, it was so easy to make, which is a bonus in my book, cuz I love simple and easy! The kids had a blast watching it transform to a completely different form than what it started out as! I dont know the science part behind it (if you do, leave me a comment! I would love to find out!). They each mixed up their own batch and made it in their favorite color! 

Check it out!!......

Homemade GAK

2 - 4 oz bottles of Elmer's glue
1 tsp borax
Food coloring

1. Empty glue into bowl.
2. Fill glue bottles with warm water and shake, then empty into bowl with glue.
3. Add in desired food coloring.
4. Stir.
5. Mix borax with 1/2 cup warm water. Stir until dissolved.
6. Mix borax mixture in with glue mixture.

Stir well. It will start to solidify right away. You will have to keep stirring until it is completely mixed. It is easier to use your hands to mix it once it becomes a big blop! 
Dont worry if there is still some liquid around the edges after stirring for awhile, it will eventually mix in. It takes about 5 minutes.

**NOTE- we used gel food coloring to color our GAK, and it worked great. My kids hands do get some of the color on them after playing with it, but it washes off. 
ALSO, I have them play with it in foil pans so my island doesnt get discolored.

Store in a ziploc bag.

This had provided hours of fun already!!

Remember, if you know the science behind this goop experiment, leave me a comment below!! I would love to know how it works!
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