Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Homemade Organic Lip Balm and Cost Analysis

Now that we are in the dry, blistery cold time of winter, I'm sure you are experiencing chapped lips, and dry skin. We are! I am really try to get to the point where I make most of our household and personal items. And I guess with the harsh winter weather effecting my lips and skin, I saw it time to make an all natural lip balm. It also can double as a lotion balm! 
I had the supplies bought for several months, but I just dont get around to making it and after I did make the lip balm, I can't believe I waited so long, it was so easy!! Seriously, I made it with one hand!! It was that easy!!

You only need a few supplies. Here's what you will need and where you can purchase them:
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I used equal parts of coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax. 2 tablespoon each.

Melt beeswax in double boiler.

While beeswax is melting, get your tubes and balm containers ready. I used balm containers so we can use it on our chapped hands as well.

You will also need a syringe of some sort to fill the tubes. I used the one that came with baby Tylenol.

Once beeswax is melted, stir in cocoa butter and coconut oil, until melted.

Now you're ready to fill your tubes. This pic came out a bit blurry due to my helpful 7 month old pulling on the camera strap. ;)

Just use your syringe to fill each tube. I left a bit of room on top of each until it hardened and then put on a few drops to give it a nice, smooth finish.

These cool rather quickly. So you will have smooth, soft lips in no time!

Of course, we had to decorate them! So we busted out the washi tape and personalized each one so we would know who's was who's! Aren't they pretty?!
....and the nice thing about it being homemade and organic?... This little guy can use as much as he wants! :)

Cost analysis
I did a quick cost analysis to make these. The initial cost to buy the supplies, if purchasing the supplies i listed above, is a bit pricey...$51.58! Especially for just making lip balm! But if you are wanting to get to a more natural way of living, then it is a great investment. I found many other uses for the ingredients. I use coconut oil as a diaper rash cream, cradle cap remover, facial cream mixed with frankincense to prevent wrinkles! I plan to use coconut oil to make toothpaste. I also use it as a carrier oil when using essential oils. There are so many more uses, too many to list. Cocoa butter is a great moisturizer. It can also be used on stretch marks. I plan to make a homemade lotion using it. Beeswax has many household uses. Waxing furniture, squeeky doors...! The tubes are reusable.

So here are my calculations.
To make one batch of lip balm (10 tubes):
-coconut oil .87 cents
-cocoa butter $1.24
-beeswax .75 cents
Total- $2.86
Thats the cost of the balm supplies.

Each tube cost 47 cents each.

The cost per lip balm is 29 cents and your additional 47 cents per reusable tube.
Total per tube... 76 cents!!

Not bad for organic lip balm!!
And once you start reusing the tubes, the cost is lower. These can be used for gifts also. And at 76 cents for organic lip balm, thats a great gift to give!

I hope this is helpful, have a great day!

Let me know if you plan to make these!

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