Monday, February 16, 2015

Chocolate Dipped Brownie Cheesecake Bites

Chocolate. Brownie. Cheesecake. Need I say more?..... These little things are delicious! But dont just take my word for it, mix yourself up a batch of your own, or maybe just make a few cuz these are ir-re-sist-able!! Check em out!...

Start out with a box mix or your own recipe of brownies. Bake according to directions. Once cooled, crumble brownies! And maybe sample a few bites, just to make sure they turned out ok ;).

Then mix 1 package cream cheese with 1/2 cup powdered sugar and mix into crumbled brownies.

Now use your cookie scoop or a spoon to make 1 inch balls. I use a cookie scoop because I am often holding baby # 6 while cooking or baking. I use it  even when I am not holding him because I love that I can make cookies, truffles, cake balls, energy bites and ssooo much more and it all comes out in uniform size!

While scooping out the mixture, get your chocolate melting. I used 12 oz of milk chocolate chips and 4 oz of semi sweet chocolate chips. I also used 2 tbsp shortening to keep the chocolate 'softer'.

After you have each brownie ball shaped how you want, place on end of fork.

Hold over pan of melted chocolate and spoon chocolate over until coated. Dip fork in chocolate a bit to cover bottom. Tap fork on pan edge to remove excess chocolate.

Now since I dont have 3 hands, one to hold fork, one to hold camera and one to hold knife to remove brownie ball, I recruited my helpful 4 year old. He did the knife work! Just use the knife to slide the brownie ball onto a foil covered pan.

And he was sure to claim his reward for helping!!

Continue dipping....

Place in freezer for about 15-20 minutes until chocolate is hardened.
Notice the 2 containers on the second shelf of my freezer...? One is strawberry cheesecake cake pop mix and the other is a peanut butter truffle mix leftover from a Valentine's Day party we had. Any leftover brownie mix can be stored in freezer as well. That is, if you have leftovers!

All done!! Enjoy!

I know this little guy couldn't wait till I was done with the pictures!

Check back later for more cake ball and truffle recipes from our Valentine's Day party!


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